Thursday, June 28, 2012

Conquer Monster: An Interview

House Of Cattitude

Joshua Faulkner, Rion Buhler, and Daniel Romero are the trio that makes up the electronic-experimental band: Conquer Monster. They are a local band that mainly perform in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Their most recent performance was at The House Of Cattitude, opening for another band.
Located in a garage, the set up consisted of Christmas lights, dim lamps and lanterns, couches, a mini bar, and two t.v.'s playing in the background, giving it a laid back vibe.
After their performance, the members of CM were oh so kind enough to let us interview them on their art.

When did you start writing music?

Daniel: In general, I started writing music when I was a young one.

Rion: Me and Josh started playing music together in... what grade?

Josh: 11th grade.

Rion: 11th grade, and it was nothing like this music, but...

Daniel: Josh and Rion wrote punk-rock music to begin with, and then they've always had this dream of writing electronic music. Really, these guys have been writing music for a while, and I just joined the band a few months ago, four months ago.

Rion: So now it's a trio.

Who are your main influences?

Josh: Bill Cosby. [laughs]

Daniel: I've really liked electronic music for a while, I like Neon Indian a lot, he's a main influence on me.

Josh: The Books, for me. In this band, anyways.

Daniel: I can answer for Rion, he likes New Order a lot.

Do you want to tell us about your unique instruments?

Rion: Josh does.

Josh: Uh, I have... Two... Telephones*

Daniel: Haha, so we have a major, like, older instrument influence, we like to use analogue instruments, stuff from the 80's. Also Josh does make the majority of his instruments. He uses a commodore 64 and...

Josh:  gameboy.

Daniel: A gameboy. He hooks everything up himself.

Rion: And it's always broken.

Josh: Yeah. We always have problems with it. [laughs]

Daniel: All of my synths, aside from one, are from the 80's. And, Rion, he's the frontman, he likes to lay on the floor and scream stuff into the mic cause he programs all his synths. [laughs]

Rion: It's true.

Left: Josh Faulkner; Middle: Rion Buhler; Right: Daniel Romero

What's the craziest show you've played? (Within/ or not within Conquer Monster)

Rion: Remember that show we played at Sylvester's?

Josh: Yeah, with Loiter Cognition.

Rion: That was awesome.

Me: What happened...?

Josh: It was just jam packed.

Rion: Oh oh! And we played a show with this kid, he like, got maced, right? And he had a knife and he couldn't see anything, he was blind and was like, "I'm gonna stab you!"

Daniel: It's a natural "fight or flight" kind of reflex...

Josh: Also in Seattle when we played New Years Eve?

Rion: Yeah...

Josh: With Loiter Cognition? There was that band, I can't remember what they're called, but they were throwing cinder blocks through their own walls.

Rion: And there was like, bullet holes everywhere!

Josh: Yeah!

Daniel: I'd say other than that, tonight was the craziest Conquer Monster show.

What does being an artist mean/ what does art mean to you?

Daniel: For me personally, I like to influence emotion and convey a certain picture when I'm playing music that people relate to and can kind of feel when they're listening.

Josh: The weirder the better.

Me: Alright, thanks guys.

Oh, and what's your favorite color?

Everyone: Orange! Pink! Midnight Blue! Green! Sparkle! Green! Sparkle! Uh, apricot! Clear! Mint-green!


*Two rotary telephones: the black one is an analogue synthesizer, and the white one is an analogue ten-step sequencer. The white one plays the black one.

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